Behind The Scenes

We recently did our fall photo shoot! This is always such a stressful situation for me because I have to worry about outfits, making sure we have a plethora of snacks and everyone is cooperating…including the husband.


I found an AMAZING photographer who is equal parts adorable as talented. She shows up 9 months pregnant and throws her one year old on her back and gets to town! I’m impressed, to say the least!


So this time we decided to try and bring our black lab, Harley, along for the ride. He’s almost 8 years old but every bit a puppy. To say this was a recipe for disaster is an understatement! But we don’t just stop when things are tough…right?! So here is the ONE picture we got with him. HA!



Our morning appointment got pushed out to late afternoon due to a downpour which was ok with me. These oddly warm October days weren’t ideal for our sweaters! I thought the rain would cool it down a bit but what we got was a tornado of humidity which basically reverses the 3 hours I spent on my hair and makeup! Damn you, weather!! And truth be told, I could have tried to lose a little bit of weight but as I’ve learned at 33….I am who I am and I’ve accomplished a ton regardless of how the outside of me looks. And most importantly, I’m loved just like this! For the first time ever, after seeing pictures of myself I literally didn’t care what I looked like! I am so in love with the family I’ve made!


Moving on, The dog participated for a total of 30 seconds. Just long enough to get one picture! His “I was here” marked and that was the end of it! It was hot, we were dressed for the artic, and the twins were NOT having any of this picture taking nonsense.


At some point instead of doing poses we did more lifestyle pictures and these turned out really good and captured us just as we are. Literally, the one where Landon is resting his head on my shoulder was when we were walking between spots and we were just casually chatting about sleep training or something like that.



I’m just so pleased with how these turned out! I had to share with you all. Our photographer NAILED it! Can’t wait to go back to her again and again. Literally, makes me want to get our wedding pictures done again. Aka…excuse to buy another pretty dress! πŸ™‚

Do you get yearly pictures done or your family? My bigger question is what do you do with all the blown up pictures from the years before? I don’t want our walls toΒ be infested with our narcissistic selves! Thoughts? Suggestions?!

Cheers to being older and FINALLY having a good and confident self-image! Xoxoxoxo

So Long, Summer

Even though I hate the heat and it makes me cranky I did have a very successful summer in terms of making memories or the boys. We did two family vacations with the little shits. One with my family in Western NY and the second with hub’s parents, when they visited from Germany, near Lake Michigan (Michigan side.) 

Gone are the days of actual vacations where I used to lay on a hammock, read a whole book, and sleep in. We have now come into this very different time in our lives where we now wake up early, chase mini drunk versions of ourselves, and fall asleep early because it’s exhausting watching your kids in a place that isn’t baby-proof!! 

So a little glimpse back into the fiery hot days of summer as we start dusting off our favorite comfy sweaters. Another season over and on to the next one!

My family vacation in western NY πŸ™‚  We rented this adorable little cottage right on a lake. My parents, my brother and his wife and two boys joined us! House full of love! 

Our vacation lake house with the German in-laws! This was an hour from our house but was nice to unplug! 

It’s just a trip nowadays not a vacation. I decided I can’t go into this expecting that I’ll  actually get a day off. That’s just unrealistic! But I did consider it as good memories for the boys and that made all the difference! 

Cheers, Summer!! Now give me cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything, and warm fires! xoxoxoxo 

Lions…Tigers…And…Birds! Oh My!

The weather has been top notch these past few days! The AC is officially off and my bank account is thanking us! Husband and I are known for our spontaneous decisions when it comes to the weekend. This one being no exception! 

Saturday was his birthday. The big 3-8!! Christ! Talk about the clock ticking. I’m 33 however, he and I both agree that having kids after 40 isn’t easy anymore. So time to get things moving and pop a few more out! STAT! Since we still have three baby chicks in the freezer just waiting for us to thaw them out, it’s pretty exciting to think about the near prospect of adding to our crazy life! 

Ok I got off on a little tangent there….

As I was saying…his birthday. Pretty low-key, we had friends over. We ate pulled pork and Mac & cheese (don’t judge…game day here!) and watched Michigan State crush Iowa. 

Sunday was gorgeous! One of those fall days that was crisp and cold in the morning and by the afternoon the wind was cool but the sun was out and was warm enough that we could get away with just long sleeve shirts and no sweaters. Randomly, after the boys woke up from their one and only nap we decided to screw cleaning the house or any of that nonsense and go to the zoo!!! 

Near us is a small zoo but still with some bigger animals in it which is exciting. So we packed up the kids in a whirlwind and off we went! 

They loved the sea otters and penguins. Weren’t too sure about monkeys at all. Those guys are scary…I agree. Lion was cool but I don’t think they understood he was real! Camels were of no interest. The Rhinos were great to see but instead of checking those out, sweet little Landon pointed out a bug walking on the fence instead. This is precisely why kids under 2 are free. 

The farmyard animals and the free roaming peacocks were the most exciting. As was the bird room filled with cockatoos and what have you. Which was fricking terrifying….its like walking into a trap. One where no one gets out without bird poop on their head! 

Anyways, it was fun and makes me excited for the days when they are older and we can go to the bigger zoos! They’ll appreciate it way more then! 

And as soon as we got home…mama cracked open a little pumpkin ale to round out the weekend. Hope you all had a good one too! Helllllloooo Fall, so could to see your sweet ass again!

Cheers!!! Xoxoxoxo

Finding The Light

The weather is finally cooler here in Michigan and my favorite season has begun! Bring on the candles, fluffy blankets, and fuzzy socks. This season gives me all sorts of renewed energy to hunker down and make the house homey. 

So as you all know I was suffering from depression since I was 30 weeks pregnant. Going on almost 2 years this December and I’ve been working diligently to find a way out. It’s been hard. It got to the point where some days I would just sit on the floor, turn the tv on, and let the chaos commence all around me. And other times I couldn’t find the patience for anything while the world seemed to unravel all around me. It was scary! I was easy to snap and didn’t feel like giving the boys the mommy snuggles they so desired. How awful right?! 

Many days I felt like such a failure! I dreamed of being a mom since ages. I went through in vitro just to fulfill that dream for Christ’s sake! I wanted this so why couldn’t I get a grip on this and be the mom I should be?! 

After a huge lab work up my doctor saw that my progesterone level was extremely low which wasn’t a shock considering I had the same issue during the fertility treatments. So she ordered me a cream to rub on my leg each day and the first few days were scary. I was aggressive and nauseous. Then a week went by and here I am…several weeks in and finally feel like a piece of me is back. 

I have the patience to make 3 meals a day, read books when they bring me piles of them to read, do fun learning and crafty things with them, clean the house, and my favorite bit…snuggle endlessly! Somehow it feels like everything slowed down finally. I can breathe again. Smile again. Laugh again. 

I’m hoping this leg cream was the fix. This would be the best thing to happen to me and my family in 2 years. Can such an easy thing fix me? Trying not to think about it and just accepting it for what it’s giving me right now! 

Keep fighting PPD, parents!!! There is a light in all of us! We just need to fix the igniter switch. 

Cheers, loves! Xoxoxoxox

A Feast For Four

Thanksgiving has always been one of my absolute favorite holidays. It’s the start of my favorite season. Halloween, which I’m not a fan of, has come and gone and then here we go with the transition from fall to winter. My absolute FAVORITE time of the year! Last year I was so massively pregnant and still had months to go but this year was so fun!

Check out my morning hair!

Granted, I didn’t get to be with my family and haven’t been able to for years now since we’ve lived all over the place but this year I tried to make it as festive as I could with our little family. The boys also turned 9 months on Turkey Day! And they will be 10 months on Christmas Eve! How fun is that?!


Excuse the chaotic mess everywhere!

The boys got to eat with us for the first time ever. All of us as a family. They got every bit of our Thanksgiving meal (minus that disgusting stuffing my husband makes with all the bits of the Turkey I usually chuck…heart…neck…liver…gag.) They loved it and I let them go ahead and make a mess and a mess they certainly made! But they looked so cute in their little “Gobble Till You Wobble” shirts. Β I mean, who doesn’t love kids in ridiculous outfits.


We went for our traditional family walk afterwards and just had a blast hanging out together. I made several different drinks for the “adults” to enjoy. Since there was only two of us we made sure to realllllly live it up! πŸ™‚ Mamosas, Baileys, Cranberry Vodka drink. Mmhmm…..Felt GREAT the next morning. Yay, me.


All in all, it was such a fun start to many years of traditions ahead. On the hard days I have this thing that I do where I look forward 25 years and think about all the kids coming home with their significant others and the house is loud and full of conversation and laughing. Watching our legacy unfold right in front of us. I literally just can not wait for those moments!

Well, crap. Getting all emotional over here with my sentimental thoughts. Stop that, Kaitlin! Pull yourself together, bitch tits!

We also split up the next day for Black Friday. The husband took Arjen (the blondie) to look for a pistol. Don’t ask….I’m not happy about it. And I took Landon (the brownie) to grab paint with me. Poor little Landon seemed to lost without his brother. He was just hanging on to dear life to his lovey bunny. Broke my heart since this was one of the first times he was without his brother! Then we met up with Daddy and Arjen at the sports bar down the road from our house and congratulated ourselves on a job well done! It’s hard work getting everyone together. Trust me.

Missing his brother!


The following day we decided that tradition is tradition and we would definitely be getting a Christmas tree this year even though we would be in Germany as of Christmas Eve. Thats ok though. So instead of going to a tree farm and spending $70 on a tree we grabbed on at Home Depot and its perfect! We love it and the babies love admiring all the lights! It does the job well! Also, I finally painted our bathroom. We’ve only been living in this house for 2 years and I painted most of it but this just had to be done as well. Ugly orange brown to a fresh new teal! Next up, complete renovation. New floors, new vanity, etc etc. Here we go!


Before and After

All in all, it was a good weekend. And now we will start our detox until Germany since drinking tends to be the tradition over there. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Cheers!!! xoxoxo

I’ve Become A Hoarder

I mentioned before how obsessed I am with this Freecycling group I belong to for my town. Once in a while a really good item comes along and everything is for free! Like this awesome double stroller I got just last week.

PicMonkey Image


And then just this week I happened to be up early (haha…ha…ha…*ahem*) and I got a notification that someone posted in the group. I go to look and VA VA VOOM! This mommy pounced on this freebie so fast, the group didn’t know what hit them! Like I literally commented that I wanted one within 10 seconds of the post going live.


Check this out! A Nilo Train Table with two trundle drawers! O.M.G.! Are you people not seeing this? I mean…come on!! It’s like a $200+ item and I got it for Free. That’s a capital ‘F’ by the way.

Anywho, it’s home and SO ready for this little twerps to play on and to “sit at the kids table” for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Oh yes…I am PUMPED! (It’s the little things in life!)

I’ve also picked up a walker and this cute little shopping cart with detachable basket. I mean…come on. How great is their play room going to be when they finally can play!?

And then another twin mom that lives in my neighborhood dropped off a water table and blow up pool for the kids with some toys to play with on the water table. How great is that? Again…FREE!

I’m obviously a little overly excited about this. lol. I don’t get out much!

I just can’t express how important it is for us that we get things for little to no money. These guys are expensive and after finding out that even though we were told it would be…their formula is not covered by insurance. That’s over $1500 in a few months that I sent in with hopes of being reimbursed. So, back on the ranch…to feed my need to buy baby things, this free stuff is really helping me. But at the same time…husband is saying I have a hoarding problem and we no longer have space for all of this stuff. Ha!

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Now I have more money to go towards my “mommy’s medicine cabinet”…aka….vodka.