Lions…Tigers…And…Birds! Oh My!

The weather has been top notch these past few days! The AC is officially off and my bank account is thanking us! Husband and I are known for our spontaneous decisions when it comes to the weekend. This one being no exception! 

Saturday was his birthday. The big 3-8!! Christ! Talk about the clock ticking. I’m 33 however, he and I both agree that having kids after 40 isn’t easy anymore. So time to get things moving and pop a few more out! STAT! Since we still have three baby chicks in the freezer just waiting for us to thaw them out, it’s pretty exciting to think about the near prospect of adding to our crazy life! 

Ok I got off on a little tangent there….

As I was saying…his birthday. Pretty low-key, we had friends over. We ate pulled pork and Mac & cheese (don’t judge…game day here!) and watched Michigan State crush Iowa. 

Sunday was gorgeous! One of those fall days that was crisp and cold in the morning and by the afternoon the wind was cool but the sun was out and was warm enough that we could get away with just long sleeve shirts and no sweaters. Randomly, after the boys woke up from their one and only nap we decided to screw cleaning the house or any of that nonsense and go to the zoo!!! 

Near us is a small zoo but still with some bigger animals in it which is exciting. So we packed up the kids in a whirlwind and off we went! 

They loved the sea otters and penguins. Weren’t too sure about monkeys at all. Those guys are scary…I agree. Lion was cool but I don’t think they understood he was real! Camels were of no interest. The Rhinos were great to see but instead of checking those out, sweet little Landon pointed out a bug walking on the fence instead. This is precisely why kids under 2 are free. 

The farmyard animals and the free roaming peacocks were the most exciting. As was the bird room filled with cockatoos and what have you. Which was fricking terrifying….its like walking into a trap. One where no one gets out without bird poop on their head! 

Anyways, it was fun and makes me excited for the days when they are older and we can go to the bigger zoos! They’ll appreciate it way more then! 

And as soon as we got home…mama cracked open a little pumpkin ale to round out the weekend. Hope you all had a good one too! Helllllloooo Fall, so could to see your sweet ass again!

Cheers!!! Xoxoxoxo

A Weekend Without Worry

My parents came to visit this past week (hence the radio silence from me! oops!) I was just busy trying to soak it all up and not waste a single second with them since I believe this may be the last time I see them until later into next year. Crazy that I lived in Germany, a 9 hour flight away and now I’m a 9 hour drive away. At this rate I feel like I’ll never get back “home.”

Nonetheless, the help was great and having my parents here really just made the world seem a little bit easier to deal with! Extra hands…you know all that…lad-dee-da. I realize I have an actual issue when it comes to just letting someone else help or take over. Not that I’m a helicopter mom because I am not in the slightest…but I am literally doing EVERY.THING. alone. I have no family here. The “friends” I met who said they would come around suddenly didn’t. And the husband works all day. So, it is me 100% of the time and letting even someone I love and trust like my mom take over a feeding, I found myself somewhat hovering because I wanted to make sure it was done like I do it. Does that make me a complete jerk? But then I finally let loose and did my best to let everyone do their thing!


We had a good but very short weekend with them. They got in Friday night and left early Monday morning. So a little over 48 hours and it was all over. WAH.

As soon as my mom came in she went straight for the babies (I was in the middle of bath time chaos) and she just scooped up a baby and my heart literally melted into pieces. It was like I got a glimpse of how she was with me as a baby. And seeing your parents be so sweet to your own children…it’s like your heart and feelings come full circle.


Whoa…got a little misty eyed on that last bit. Continuing on!

Trying to keep things jolly and festive we decided to go to a cider mill one afternoon and you all know that going anywhere with twins is not only a spectacle but a damn nuisance! I’m not sure why I talk myself into doing this stuff but I did. We got there and it was line after line just to get some dry ass donuts and cider. LAWD…I had no strength for the thousands of people there.


Oh and strollers (especially our massive double stroller) were not allowed in any of the buildings. Lame-o. So, we were constantly trying to finagle that one person stay outside with the babies in the cold wind and everyone else can go in to the different buildings to wait in stupid long ass lines for nothing spectacular. Yeah…I’m angry.  Try and get two babies out of a stroller, park it, and carry them around in crowds of thousands of annoying people. Negative.

Anyways, this morning they said their goodbyes and my heart hurt as I waved to my mom (and she waved back) until they were down the street and turned the corner. I miss her. I miss them. DRASTICALLY. Funny how the second I moved out I’ve been wanting nothing but to move back in since!


So, I’m sitting here drowning my sorrows in a glass of good old Scotch…and about to watch the movie, “Girl On The Train.”

Cheers, friends!!