The Ketchup On My Sock

The finger prints on the fridge

The kiss marks on the windows 

They are real. 

The fruit snacks squished into the carpet

The veggie straws smashed into the vents

They are real.

The pitter-patter-thud of footsteps

The ketchup on my sock

They are real. 

One blonde, one brunette 

Two dreams come true at once

They are real. 

A little poem for these two baby birds ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Behind The Scenes

We recently did our fall photo shoot! This is always such a stressful situation for me because I have to worry about outfits, making sure we have a plethora of snacks and everyone is cooperating…including the husband.


I found an AMAZING photographer who is equal parts adorable as talented. She shows up 9 months pregnant and throws her one year old on her back and gets to town! I’m impressed, to say the least!


So this time we decided to try and bring our black lab, Harley, along for the ride. He’s almost 8 years old but every bit a puppy. To say this was a recipe for disaster is an understatement! But we don’t just stop when things are tough…right?! So here is the ONE picture we got with him. HA!



Our morning appointment got pushed out to late afternoon due to a downpour which was ok with me. These oddly warm October days weren’t ideal for our sweaters! I thought the rain would cool it down a bit but what we got was a tornado of humidity which basically reverses the 3 hours I spent on my hair and makeup! Damn you, weather!! And truth be told, I could have tried to lose a little bit of weight but as I’ve learned at 33….I am who I am and I’ve accomplished a ton regardless of how the outside of me looks. And most importantly, I’m loved just like this! For the first time ever, after seeing pictures of myself I literally didn’t care what I looked like! I am so in love with the family I’ve made!


Moving on, The dog participated for a total of 30 seconds. Just long enough to get one picture! His “I was here” marked and that was the end of it! It was hot, we were dressed for the artic, and the twins were NOT having any of this picture taking nonsense.


At some point instead of doing poses we did more lifestyle pictures and these turned out really good and captured us just as we are. Literally, the one where Landon is resting his head on my shoulder was when we were walking between spots and we were just casually chatting about sleep training or something like that.



I’m just so pleased with how these turned out! I had to share with you all. Our photographer NAILED it! Can’t wait to go back to her again and again. Literally, makes me want to get our wedding pictures done again. Aka…excuse to buy another pretty dress! ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you get yearly pictures done or your family? My bigger question is what do you do with all the blown up pictures from the years before? I don’t want our walls toย be infested with our narcissistic selves! Thoughts? Suggestions?!

Cheers to being older and FINALLY having a good and confident self-image! Xoxoxoxo

It’s Been A Year

On February 24th, 2016 I had my sweet babies. Little did I know that having kids would be such a ridiculously hard job. Somehow I forgot what those two nights with my baby think-it-over was when the damn robot screamed non-stop so I put it in the car around 2am. Unfortunately, I can’t just throw my kids in the car when they decide to have a party in the wee hours because that would be cruel or something, so I’ve been told.

In all seriousness, I love these little bugs and I am so impressed with how we all survived the first year together. Them as first-time humans and me and the hubs as first-time parental units. Its been a crazy transition from our selfishness as a couple to complete selflessness as individuals. Eye-opening to say the least.


A year of tears, laughter, proud moments, sad moments, worry, discussions, and a mountain high pile of dirty diapers. I love what little individuals these two little guys are becoming and I can’t wait to see where their life takes them!

I put together a little video of their growth over the past year so please feel free to head on over and take a little peek!

Click her to see the video of babies 1st year

Happy Birthday, little dudes! Thanks for making me love alcohol again! Cheers!



So Its Been Awhile

I tend to do this with blogging…sometimes I find time, sometimes I don’t. It’s hard to juggle a new business, twins, my post partum depression, the dog, the schedule,the meal planning, and the list goes on and on. It’s rough!

So I need to update you a little bit on whats been going on.

The boys are about to turn a year old (OMG!) and I am beyond excited. Not so exciting is the fact that my in-laws are coming to visit for 2 weeks. I mean…I love them, I do. But I see them more than I see my own family. They come all the way from Germany and have spent more time with the boys than my own two parents. This is because America sucks in the vacation department (and the president department currently but I won’t get political on ya).


I just wish my parents had the opportunity to be with the boys more. Luckily, my mom will be retiring this June so then I can ship her here for months at a time and get my fill! I haven’t talked about it much but my mom also got breast cancer last year and was fighting it with radiation all on her own. Brave soul. I hate that I couldn’t be there with her during this. So I’ve got some catching up to do.

I’ll do a whole different post about our trip to Germany over Xmas and New Years (yes…a little behind here) because that takes a whole different kind of energy to write about it. But, needless to say…it wasn’t successful and has currently changed my way of thinking when it comes to traveling with the boys again.


My sweet little babies are crawling now! Both of them like a little baby stampede! It’s so sweet and they are sooooo snuggly. I am obsessed! Which has brought me to the decision of when to transfer our next embryo. (We did IVF…just FYI) I think we may try this Fall and see if it takes. Not looking forward to boatloads of injections again. I need Progesterone shots which are the absolute WORST! But I truly believe it kept my babes going in what was a not so strong Uterus. The truth is…can I handle another baby? By the time this singleton baby arrives both of our mother’s will be retired. Which means we have way more help since we are alone out here in Michigan. I just always wanted a big family but my depression has been holding me back from being a better mom. At the same time, I can’t just leave my other babies in the freezer in some lab. I need them here with me! (We have 3 left!)


Anyways, today was kind of a ramble of sorts. I’m just trying to get back on this blogging kick! Trying to get a schedule going somehow!

By the way, Hubs and I went wine tasting last night and had a blast! Finally a proper night out! AND I’m not paying for it today…which means, more wine tonight!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!





How I Kinda Sorta Sleep Trained My Twins

There are a million different ideas out there about how to sleep train your children. There is the cry-it-out method or more commonly known as “extinction” as if that makes it sound any better! (ha!) Then there is Ferber, Weissbluth Method, The Sleep Lady Shuffle (seriously…who came up with that name?!), Parenting by Connection, The Sleep Sense Program, The Shush-Pat method and the damn list goes on and on with a million variations of how to get a kid to sleep.


Sometimes I think I always had an upper hand in having twins first. I was one person with two babies and not enough go-go-gadget arms to snuggle them all to sleep. From day one, I never cuddled them to sleep. I placed them down in their bassinets. It wasn’t all daisies and puppy dogs, let me tell you. Most nights I found myself reading all the sleep training books ever written but the one thing I found in common was that allowing your baby to figure it out and to understand their new world was the best thing you could do. Shut those books and listen to your mother’s instincts. Think about how they did it hundreds of years ago! We are capable and I think too much information is telling us we aren’t.


Now my kids are not and never were the swaddling type. They were cool all baby burrito-ed up the first 2 weeks but after that they wanted to be free. Those arms were wild! We dealt with horrendous acid reflux and we did what we could but truthfully, the first few months (5-6 months) are, what I think, the learning stage. The kids need this time to understand themselves, and you, and it takes that long to get into a good routine.

At 3.5 months and after a trip to Germany and back to baptize them I started following proper wake times. I literally owe it all to this graph for getting our routine in place. This gave me a better idea of how they should be sleeping. Again, it’s not a magic wand and it’s not like POOF your kid is sleeping but with consistency and time, it will come. I PROMISE YOU! I “trained” twins, at the same time, who are two completely different birds. If I can do it, anyone can! ย Note: I follow what my kids show me they need. At 10 months they should be awake for 3-3.5 hours. Sometimes its less, sometimes more.ย c4655f49ea841211855d467ff30e4e66

From one day to the next I went cold turkey and started putting those rascals into their own room, their own cribs. Naps and sleep time all in bed. I read a lot about starting one than the other. I guess do what is comfortable for you. But I wanted them to start getting used to the idea that this is their new special place to sleep. It took a while but my routine is like this for naps:

Lay in their room

Read a book or two

Sing a couple songs

Put on sleep sack

Turn on white noise machine

Sing our special “goodnight” song and place baby into bed while continuing to hum this song as I leave the room.


I did this every day, all day. This was our new naptime routine. As for sleep time, I did it a little bit different. Its the BBB method for me. Bath, Bottle, Bed. As tedious as it was, and exhausting as it was, I bathed them. It was my one moment with each boy alone at the time. Now I throw them both in the tub together but back then, it was special. Cleaned and so fresh-fresh, we snuggled up and had the last of their bottles (well, not me…but the boys…obvi!) Then I followed the same pattern of the nap time routine.


I won’t lie and say it was easy. Some nights/days were hard. There was some crying but I never let them cry for long. I also allow them to have pacifiers, loveys, and blankets. All the crutches possible, they can have it all. Because that is how I parent. And “training” is possible with all of those things, regardless of what you read about. I am living proof, and so are my boys.

I do need to stop and talk about our sleep sack success. This goes for swaddled babies too! Initially I just kind of wrapped our boys in a blanket but this seemed to always scare us a bit too much when the blanket would creep towards their angel faces. But then I discovered sleep sacks. Our absolute favorite, ever, ever, EVERย is the sleep sack from Nested Bean. They also have a swaddle blanket for those babies who love to be as snug as bugs in a rug.

So why is this one so impressive? Well, I’ll tell you why! Keep your pants on!

A few times in my distress during the first few months and because I couldn’t hold both screaming babies, I placed my hand on their bellies/chest to try and help calm them. To give them the idea that mommy is there. Well, in walks Nested Bean with the brilliance of it all! A swaddle and a sack that has a light weight on the chest area to resemble the comfort of sleeping in your arms. I mean, people, this is BRILLIANT! A sleep sack that actually does something!


So, instantly, I noticed that the boys were sleeping better. Once in a while they would wake up and need a pacifier replaced or what have you but they were sleeping through the night a lot better!


And just to note, My brunette dude was sleeping through the night at 7 months and the blondie at 8.5 months. Just to give you perspective.

This ended up being a longer post than I had expected it to be but there is a lot to be said about sleep training as you can tell from all the thousands of books written about it. I’m hear to tell you to listen to your mommy instincts. Not one kid will ever be the same as the kids that are describe in those books. Sleep begets Sleep. It is never too early to put your kid to bed. Note: Our kids are in bed by 5:45/6pm every night. Never later!


You can do this! Sleep will come again! I promise! Lets all raise a glass to that precious thing we easily gave up in our 20’s and desperately need back in our 30’s. To you, Sleep!



An Early American Christmas

Two more days and we will be taking our tired asses to Germany! Myself and Landon have come down with the common cold. Our first ever! We survived 10 months without any sickness, I’d say that’s pretty impressive!

Also, Christmas is a HUGE deal for me and this is only my second Christmas spent in Germany even though I lived there for 4 years. I always swindled my way back home to the states. So, we will see how this goes. But I think it will be great.

The husband’s grandmother is 92 years old and Christmas Eve is her thing. Everyone goes over and sets up the tree, lights real (yes…REAL!) candles and sits around and drinks and sings all night long. Lord help me!

While we are there my brother-in-law will be getting married. They get married twice over there. It’s recognized by the state (think town hall ordeal) and then they have the church wedding as well, which for these guys will be in May. Another trip once the boys are over a year me! lol. Then after New Years we are headed to a spa hotel in the Alps to live out the rest of our trip. I’m HOPING for a nice break! You’ll find me naked in the sauna. Yes…naked. Lots of nakeds in there.

Anywho…we had a little Christmas here for the boys since there is no way on Gods green earth I was carting all that crap to Germany with us. They got a wagon from Grandma and Grandpa and a few other toys. Books and bath toys from mom and dad. All in all a good day I think! It wasn’t nearly as exciting as Christmases past have been but its a start into tradition!


I got the husband this nice sentimental gift of his hometown in Germany. It’s Map Art that was made on He cried when he opened it and realized what it was! So sweet! Momma did good this year ๐Ÿ™‚


Of course bows and wrapping paper was more exciting for the little turds but all is well! Santa came to the US and now we can head off to Germany!





Fall Photos Are HERE!

We weren’t sure that we would fall for the typical family photos everyone does around Fall but then we decided for the first time ever we would do Christmas cards so here we are! We did a mini-session which was 20 minutes and worked out just right considering it was 3:30pm on a Sunday and these kids are horrendous at that time. Twenty minutes was JUST fine.

Here are the few pictures that we got, of course they all come in B&W as well but I’d say for the amount of time I’m pleased with what we got. I wish there were more family pictures to pick from but the one we got is good. Gonna blow that sucker right up and on the wall it goes!



I’m obsessed. Cheers!!