So Long, Summer

Even though I hate the heat and it makes me cranky I did have a very successful summer in terms of making memories or the boys. We did two family vacations with the little shits. One with my family in Western NY and the second with hub’s parents, when they visited from Germany, near Lake Michigan (Michigan side.) 

Gone are the days of actual vacations where I used to lay on a hammock, read a whole book, and sleep in. We have now come into this very different time in our lives where we now wake up early, chase mini drunk versions of ourselves, and fall asleep early because it’s exhausting watching your kids in a place that isn’t baby-proof!! 

So a little glimpse back into the fiery hot days of summer as we start dusting off our favorite comfy sweaters. Another season over and on to the next one!

My family vacation in western NY 🙂  We rented this adorable little cottage right on a lake. My parents, my brother and his wife and two boys joined us! House full of love! 

Our vacation lake house with the German in-laws! This was an hour from our house but was nice to unplug! 

It’s just a trip nowadays not a vacation. I decided I can’t go into this expecting that I’ll  actually get a day off. That’s just unrealistic! But I did consider it as good memories for the boys and that made all the difference! 

Cheers, Summer!! Now give me cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything, and warm fires! xoxoxoxo 

Lions…Tigers…And…Birds! Oh My!

The weather has been top notch these past few days! The AC is officially off and my bank account is thanking us! Husband and I are known for our spontaneous decisions when it comes to the weekend. This one being no exception! 

Saturday was his birthday. The big 3-8!! Christ! Talk about the clock ticking. I’m 33 however, he and I both agree that having kids after 40 isn’t easy anymore. So time to get things moving and pop a few more out! STAT! Since we still have three baby chicks in the freezer just waiting for us to thaw them out, it’s pretty exciting to think about the near prospect of adding to our crazy life! 

Ok I got off on a little tangent there….

As I was saying…his birthday. Pretty low-key, we had friends over. We ate pulled pork and Mac & cheese (don’t judge…game day here!) and watched Michigan State crush Iowa. 

Sunday was gorgeous! One of those fall days that was crisp and cold in the morning and by the afternoon the wind was cool but the sun was out and was warm enough that we could get away with just long sleeve shirts and no sweaters. Randomly, after the boys woke up from their one and only nap we decided to screw cleaning the house or any of that nonsense and go to the zoo!!! 

Near us is a small zoo but still with some bigger animals in it which is exciting. So we packed up the kids in a whirlwind and off we went! 

They loved the sea otters and penguins. Weren’t too sure about monkeys at all. Those guys are scary…I agree. Lion was cool but I don’t think they understood he was real! Camels were of no interest. The Rhinos were great to see but instead of checking those out, sweet little Landon pointed out a bug walking on the fence instead. This is precisely why kids under 2 are free. 

The farmyard animals and the free roaming peacocks were the most exciting. As was the bird room filled with cockatoos and what have you. Which was fricking terrifying….its like walking into a trap. One where no one gets out without bird poop on their head! 

Anyways, it was fun and makes me excited for the days when they are older and we can go to the bigger zoos! They’ll appreciate it way more then! 

And as soon as we got home…mama cracked open a little pumpkin ale to round out the weekend. Hope you all had a good one too! Helllllloooo Fall, so could to see your sweet ass again!

Cheers!!! Xoxoxoxo

It Takes A Village

One mom friend of mine once told me that you find out who your true friends are really quick when you have children. The people that come around and try to help. It’s amazing to me how true that whole statement is but more so, how surprising it is of who actually does come around.

I’ve had people from all over the place…acquaintances even, help me more than I ever thought!

When the boys were brand new a friend from high school sent me the best coffee mug. It keeps my coffee warm for up to 6 hours and it’s amazing because we all know that being a mom doesn’t always mean we get to sit down and actually finish a cup of coffee…and it still be warm! Mind you, this “friend” is someone I barely knew. We may have ended up at the same parties once in a grand while but we certainly weren’t in each others circle of friends.


Once the boys started teething and trying out solids another acquaintance of mine from high school who, again, was not in my circle of friends but we knew each other, sent me a giant package of homemade bibs and tethers. These were ADORABLE since she stayed within the theme of their room which is more or less nautical. Can’t pass up lobsters and boats! 🙂 This was just so sweet and really heart-warming.

The people who said they would help didn’t and people I never knew even thought about me came out of the wood work to help me along this path of motherhood I was navigating. I’m not sure I can ever express how important it is to be there for someone even if you don’t know them. These little things made all the difference in the beginning especially since I was juggling the post partum depression.

I’ve been trying to pass on this bundle of kindness ever since and I just can’t seem to get enough of it! Pass it on friends, pass it on.

Cheers to kindness!!!

2 To 1 Transition Hell

Nap time is in general a load of nonsense. You spend most of your time trying to train the kids to go the F to sleep and then finally once they get the hang of it for a day, you have to train them all over again with later sleep time or longer wake times. UGH! The insanity.


Of course just as I sat down to write this little tidbit…they both wake up from their one and only nap of the day. That’s right. Gone are the days of three or two separate naps to give me a glimpse at my sanity. We have now officially transitioned to one nap. This means the devils are awake from 6:30/7am until about 11 or so and with any amount of luck they will atleast sleep until 1:30pm. Today we are a half a buck short. Which just means…an earlier bed time! 6pm….WOOHOO!!!


In some ways this one nap a day thing is great because its a longer stretch of time (usually if everyone frickin cooperates!). I can get a lot done in that time and I also feel like I’ve had a real break from the chaos. However, that massive long stretch of awake time on either side of that nap is horrendous. Its enough to make me want to poke my eyes out with a rusty fork.


The boys are in an INCREDIBLY clingy/whiny/jealousy stage which is driving me up the wall. I can’t even wash bottles without someone pushing on my legs or crying on the floor about how hard their life is. Days are long…and hard…and they definitely make me think about why I went through IVF. But then…nap comes…and bedtime also comes…and its all worth it again!

Anyone else in the transition phase? I need good ideas of what to do with them on hot summer days. Some kind of good activity for them. Any hints? Other than me drinking on the deck and letting them soak themselves at the water table? HA…just kidding. I don’t day drink alone. That’s just wrong!


Cheers!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

We Survived 7 Months!

Ya’ll….I took a mini timeout to get my life back together here. We hired a new nanny since I’ve been without for several months and I was burning out…BIG TIME burning out! My postpartum depression was really starting to dictate how my days were and having this small lease on life again has been so uplifting…I’m finally a good mom again.


So in other news the boys turned 7 MONTHS! I can not believe I’ve been a mommy for 7 months. How great is that?! They are just so miraculous and true to form every time they turn another month they surprise me by showing me something new. This time Baby B was holding his own bottle…shortly followed by Baby A doing the same later on. Then Baby A showed me that he knew how to “play” with the fun bits on his activity jumper! How in the world?!


It was a Saturday and absolutely gorgeous out. Not too hot, not too cold, just right said Goldilocks. And I decided to pack us all up, dog included, and head to a local park! This, my people, is a HUGE deal. I mean…we don’t get out much. Baby B is extremely needy and dramatic…but sweet as hell! And Baby A just takes it all in stride until he gets hungry and then he shits the bag. The husband has zero patience and the dog isn’t leash trained very well. So…this as I said was a huge undertaking on my part.

I made us a picnic, got the car all packed up and ready to go, and off we went. We walked around, the babies had things to look at and after about a 2 mile walk we stopped in a shaded area to feed the dudes and hang out. It was a dream. Seriously. So much so that the husband, with tears in his eyes, proclaimed, “This is one of the happiest days of my life.” Success.


Don’t you just love moments that end up working out for the better? Life is getting easier. Slowly but surely. And I dabbled a bit in the alcohol department this weekend and didn’t wake up with a hangover because this girl had it under control! BAM!



Painting With Twins

I’ve been trying to find ways to “play” with these boys now that they are awake more often between naps. I’ve got to fill up 2 hours or so with something other than laying on their play mat or bouncing in their jumpers. I’ve run out of ideas until I realized, I can still play with them like I would older kids, just a little more “revamped.”

Hey Ma! The Meatloaf!!!

I got out some finger paints, freezer bags, computer paper, and a paint brush. Items you can get at a dollar store or you may already have at home.


I just painted a few dots of finger paint all over the paper and closed up the bag. Now, people, we do know this isn’t a leave it with your kid to distract them kind of project, right? First thing my dudes did was put the bag in their mouths! So, unless you want a painted kid, floor, and furniture, I suggest you pay attention! Put down the martini, turn off Dr. Phil, and focus for a second! 🙂


Put this in front of them and help them paint! I used my fingernail, or used blocks to make squares on the page once we mushed all the colors together. They are still young for real deal painting but this was fun for roughly 5 minutes. We talked about colors so they are definitely ready for Kindergarten now.

Hmm…welp…what do we do here?
Mom! Snacks?!
YAY! Crafts!

OK, good parenting deed done for the day. Grab that martini and put back on Dr. Phil. Put your feet up! You earned it!


Fabulous Findings!

You guys know I love free stuff. I mean, I am Free Willy up in this piece! The second someone offers something up for free I’m ALL over it. I never used to be like that. In fact, I used to think I lived a really fabulous life back in my early twenties in South Beach, Miami, FL. Yeah…you heard me….I was all that and then some (so I thought!)

Yes…this was me at the ripe age of 23!

And then REAL life happened. We aren’t well off but we aren’t struggling either. We made some great choices and at the age of 30 we don’t have a mortgage. I’d say I learned all this from following the financial choices of my husband’s family. They live in Southern Germany and save EVERYTHING. Like really…everything. Every dime, every expired bottle of ketchup. Everything.

So I got the thrifty bug and try to save a dime wherever I can because in the end, it matters. And with twins who need toys and seeing as we are new parents with zero for kids in this house, we have been stocking up!

You saw my good find on my other post about the stroller and pool, etc. And just this weekend Daddy watched the babies while Mommy went off to gather up for free stuff to add to my hoarding collection.


How fun is that?! Free…and after a little bit of clean up with the Lysol..BAM…good as new. At this rate, I’ll be able to give the boys a new thing to play with every so often to keep their interests going. And I won’t have to buy too much when they are old enough to play with this stuff.

Look for a “Freecycling” group on Facebook in your town or closest area. It really is the best!

Daddy and his babies…and the naked one crapped his entire outfit. AGAIN.

And there is the bell of freedom slaughtered. Baby B is up after his 20 minute nap. Yay…oh yay.

Here drinky, drinky, drinky!!! Come to mama!!