2 To 1 Transition Hell

Nap time is in general a load of nonsense. You spend most of your time trying to train the kids to go the F to sleep and then finally once they get the hang of it for a day, you have to train them all over again with later sleep time or longer wake times. UGH! The insanity.


Of course just as I sat down to write this little tidbit…they both wake up from their one and only nap of the day. That’s right. Gone are the days of three or two separate naps to give me a glimpse at my sanity. We have now officially transitioned to one nap. This means the devils are awake from 6:30/7am until about 11 or so and with any amount of luck they will atleast sleep until 1:30pm. Today we are a half a buck short. Which just means…an earlier bed time! 6pm….WOOHOO!!!


In some ways this one nap a day thing is great because its a longer stretch of time (usually if everyone frickin cooperates!). I can get a lot done in that time and I also feel like I’ve had a real break from the chaos. However, that massive long stretch of awake time on either side of that nap is horrendous. Its enough to make me want to poke my eyes out with a rusty fork.


The boys are in an INCREDIBLY clingy/whiny/jealousy stage which is driving me up the wall. I can’t even wash bottles without someone pushing on my legs or crying on the floor about how hard their life is. Days are long…and hard…and they definitely make me think about why I went through IVF. But then…nap comes…and bedtime also comes…and its all worth it again!

Anyone else in the transition phase? I need good ideas of what to do with them on hot summer days. Some kind of good activity for them. Any hints? Other than me drinking on the deck and letting them soak themselves at the water table? HA…just kidding. I don’t day drink alone. That’s just wrong!


Cheers!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

8 thoughts on “2 To 1 Transition Hell

  1. The 2 to 1 transition was hard for us too. And I agree summer days seems longer. We always do an early morning walk, then hit up a park or library for story time and save museums and science centers for the afternoon on days we don’t do the water table/pool.

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  2. It was hard for us too. There are some days that we just end up doing two even though their daycare transitioned them to one back right after their first birthday (in October).

    The heat is killing us too. We make lots of inside tents lately. And color. And go outside with the water table, play in the sprinkler, or baby pool sometimes. We also sometimes will go to the store and just ride around in the buggy just to do something different. While it’s cool enough we will go for a walk with the wagon, stroller, or a bike ride (we have a double bike ride).

    Hang in there, Mama! Days are long but weeks are fast!!!


    1. I gave one of them a 2-napper yesterday because he was just in complete rare form! I was thinking I wanted to take them to the library but then I tried to
      Imagine how I would chase after two of them in that huge place and would surely lose one down an aisle of books!! Lol. So true though….the weeks go by fast!


  3. This was a hard one for me when my boys were your age. That stage was really tough! You hit the benefit part on the head because it means longer naps! I can tell you my boys are three going on four and this stage is amazing. They play with each other all of the time and sometimes kick me out of play sessions. They still sleep for two hours a day and give me that mental relief (most of the time). During that age, they would get up at the crack of dawn. I would feed them, let them watch some television, then walk them around the neighborhood in the stroller for awhile. Sometimes we walked to a local park. I did play dates or even just showed up at relatives houses who had kids of their own! Bombardment! We did the library, the zoo, museums, and sometimes just stayed home. It gets easier I promise!

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    1. That’s so good to hear that it gets better! I’ve been struggling! They aren’t talking just yet and whine all the time in fits of jealousy so I’m losing my marbles! Lol! But looking forward to finding the strength to carry on and take them to do fun things soon!


  4. I feel your pain. My girls currently have one nap a day, and I’m very grateful that they’ll happily sleep for two hours and I can finally have a breather. At almost three years old, we’re in that phase where they may drop their nap soon – and that is a day I REALLY dread!!!

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    1. That’s so good that they are 3 and still take one nap! That’s amazing! A girlfriend of mine has 3yr old twin girls and they have quiet time for an hour each day. She puts them in two different rooms and they are allowed to watch shows on their tablets or read books but they have to stay in the room until the one hour is up. It’s a moment of sanity for that momma!


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