St. Nikolaus Tag

This year the boys got their first taste of snacks in their shoes. Literally! Since the husband is from Germany they observe December 6th as St. Nikolaus Tag. (St. Nicolas Day).  I’m not too sure of the whole history behind it but  the idea is you put your shoes out and St. Nikolaus fills them up with sweets. He also can bring along his super creepy friend, Krampus who will whip you if you were bad. But, I’m not so sure I want to scare my kids at Christmas time.

Nikolaus und Krampus

Have you ever seen the German style Krampus? Good lord….its the stuff from nightmares! My husband told me that on December 6th two people from his town would dress up. One as St. Nikolaus and the other as Krampus. Before they arrived the parents usually would tell them a few things the child did in that year (good and bad.) If they were good they would give the Santa guy a present to bring for that child. Just another giant scare tactic to get kids to behave! My mom used my Grandma as an excuse, although she was a saint! Not sure how or why that was scary to me but I suppose I didn’t want my Grandma to think bad of me. lol. Santa, eh…I could care less!

Anywho…the boys got a few treats and they seemed more excited about eating their shoes than the snacks in them!


Cheers!!! xoxoxo


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