A Feast For Four

Thanksgiving has always been one of my absolute favorite holidays. It’s the start of my favorite season. Halloween, which I’m not a fan of, has come and gone and then here we go with the transition from fall to winter. My absolute FAVORITE time of the year! Last year I was so massively pregnant and still had months to go but this year was so fun!

Check out my morning hair!

Granted, I didn’t get to be with my family and haven’t been able to for years now since we’ve lived all over the place but this year I tried to make it as festive as I could with our little family. The boys also turned 9 months on Turkey Day! And they will be 10 months on Christmas Eve! How fun is that?!


Excuse the chaotic mess everywhere!

The boys got to eat with us for the first time ever. All of us as a family. They got every bit of our Thanksgiving meal (minus that disgusting stuffing my husband makes with all the bits of the Turkey I usually chuck…heart…neck…liver…gag.) They loved it and I let them go ahead and make a mess and a mess they certainly made! But they looked so cute in their little “Gobble Till You Wobble” shirts. Β I mean, who doesn’t love kids in ridiculous outfits.


We went for our traditional family walk afterwards and just had a blast hanging out together. I made several different drinks for the “adults” to enjoy. Since there was only two of us we made sure to realllllly live it up! πŸ™‚ Mamosas, Baileys, Cranberry Vodka drink. Mmhmm…..Felt GREAT the next morning. Yay, me.


All in all, it was such a fun start to many years of traditions ahead. On the hard days I have this thing that I do where I look forward 25 years and think about all the kids coming home with their significant others and the house is loud and full of conversation and laughing. Watching our legacy unfold right in front of us. I literally just can not wait for those moments!

Well, crap. Getting all emotional over here with my sentimental thoughts. Stop that, Kaitlin! Pull yourself together, bitch tits!

We also split up the next day for Black Friday. The husband took Arjen (the blondie) to look for a pistol. Don’t ask….I’m not happy about it. And I took Landon (the brownie) to grab paint with me. Poor little Landon seemed to lost without his brother. He was just hanging on to dear life to his lovey bunny. Broke my heart since this was one of the first times he was without his brother! Then we met up with Daddy and Arjen at the sports bar down the road from our house and congratulated ourselves on a job well done! It’s hard work getting everyone together. Trust me.

Missing his brother!


The following day we decided that tradition is tradition and we would definitely be getting a Christmas tree this year even though we would be in Germany as of Christmas Eve. Thats ok though. So instead of going to a tree farm and spending $70 on a tree we grabbed on at Home Depot and its perfect! We love it and the babies love admiring all the lights! It does the job well! Also, I finally painted our bathroom. We’ve only been living in this house for 2 years and I painted most of it but this just had to be done as well. Ugly orange brown to a fresh new teal! Next up, complete renovation. New floors, new vanity, etc etc. Here we go!


Before and After

All in all, it was a good weekend. And now we will start our detox until Germany since drinking tends to be the tradition over there. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Cheers!!! xoxoxo

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