New Car Seats!

Infant car seats are great because you can just tote the kids around wherever you go and you know they won’t be getting out of those unless they are a mini Houdini! And my kids aren’t especially fact they are pretty lanky but they are long. I think most of the infant car seats have a max of 30lbs or 30 inches long. Not to mention, they were so restricted and were ALWAYS hot in those poor seats with zero ventilation.


Moving onward I decided it was time to upgrade to big boy seats. We went back and forth with either the Gracoย 4Ever All-in-one convertible seat or the Graco 3-in-one convertible car seat. We ended up picking the 3 in 1 and in my only reasoning for that is simply that when we have another infant, we will want the infant car seat specifically. Easier to carry them around in. With the convertible seats, these are not to be taken out and carried around. So, we went with the 3 in 1 and we LOVE it! The boys love it too!

Finally, I don’t need to sit between them (unless I’m feeding them on a road trip). They are happy, able to see everything, rear facing, comfortable, not too hot, etc. It’s great! No crying fits anymore! YIPPEEE!!!!

Just to note, I was not asked by Graco to write anything up about this. This is my own personal choice and I recommend you do the research to find out what works best for your family. Also, read the reviews! Best thing you can do!

Happy Thursday, everyone!!



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