My Top 5 Pregnancy Must Haves

I’m a new mom so when I was pregnant…and with twins no less….I learned REALLY quick what was comfortable and what worked for me. These are my absolute must haves! I’m not being paid to solicit this advice, just so you are aware! However, if any of these companies want to pay me…please…don’t hold back! I have twin butts to diaper! 😉

  1. Blanqi Support Tank  :  This tank top was life saving for the 2nd trimester. My tummy was growing at an alarming pace (ie. I looked like I was 20 weeks and I was only 9 weeks) This baby kept my babies in from when I was 20 weeks (left) up to about 32 weeks (31 weeks on the right). It has special support around the back, belly, under belly, and bra area. Whenever I wore it I was able to walk a little longer than I normally would and I wore this baby every day all day under everything!
  2. Leggings : Granted seeing a whale wearing leggings isn’t the cutest thing but I did NOT care! The over-the-belly- black leggings my S-I-L sent me were phenomenal! I wore those daily. Seriously. Never took them off. I bought one pair of maternity jeans at 9 weeks and those were the most uncomfortable things my legs were ever in. I highly suggest you get yourself over to a maternity store and buy a pair or two of these! Even whales deserve to feel comfortable!
A blue whale in leggings 😉

3. Maternity Underwear : I swear by these. Eventually my fancy little strings no longer were comfortable or would even rest on my hips properly. My mom sent me a bunch of underoos that go WAY up over the belly and let me just tell you something…HEAVEN! I may have tried to wear them even after the birth but there wasn’t much there in terms of belly afterward. Sadly, they have been retired to the maternity clothes box in the cellar but oh man…GET YOURSELF THESE! Don’t try to be a celebrity and wear matching bra and panties just for that perfect instagram pic! Just don’t!  Between these, my over the belly leggings, and then my support tank (see above) those boys were snug! And so were all my lady bits!


4. The biggest bottle of Tums you can get your sticky, over heated hands on. People, the reflux is REAL! I couldn’t eat ANYTHING without the depths of hell massaging my vocal chords. I mean, seriously. What gives?! I ate Tums like it was my day job. I know, I know….you’re directed to only have so many within a 24 hour period but my kids turned out fine. I completely disregarded this because well…Life. Once Tums stopped working I started taking Pepcid and that definitely helped. Surely, I thought the devil himself would ride out of my mouth on a flaming chariot!!!


5. Diclegis : No joke. This medicine saved me from abortion. I literally was so ill..I mean beyond anything that I mentally and physically was capable of handling. I remember telling my husband I had met my limit. I could no longer carry these babies and I wanted to transport them somehow into a surrogate’s belly. Crazy enough…I was DEAD serious! I could not handle life. I wanted it all to end. (Dramatic I know but I was so done!) Well, come to find out I was beyond dehydrated, wasn’t getting enough calories, and my body was just a crap shoot. So, my doctor supplied me with sample after sample of Diclegis!


This is the same stuff that Kim Kardashian posted about on Instagram and got a lot of slack for it, however, she’s right. It works. Before you freak out and think..OMG I couldn’t possibly take something that could potentially hurt my unborn child…well…I’m here to soothe your worry. It’s basically Vitamin B6 and Unisom in the correct dosage taken at the right time every day and it WORKS. This was the one thing that helped me get out of bed and not lie there waiting for the grim reaper to show up. I was in the hospital several times a week for IVs and after taking Diclegis I didn’t need that anymore! Ask your doctor about samples. Prescriptions are SO expensive because the FDA won’t back it up (its too easy of a fix). Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

Did you have any must haves during your pregnancy that you could share with other expecting moms?

On that note…babies are awake from their naps! It’s walk time!


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