Fabulous Findings!

You guys know I love free stuff. I mean, I am Free Willy up in this piece! The second someone offers something up for free I’m ALL over it. I never used to be like that. In fact, I used to think I lived a really fabulous life back in my early twenties in South Beach, Miami, FL. Yeah…you heard me….I was all that and then some (so I thought!)

Yes…this was me at the ripe age of 23!

And then REAL life happened. We aren’t well off but we aren’t struggling either. We made some great choices and at the age of 30 we don’t have a mortgage. I’d say I learned all this from following the financial choices of my husband’s family. They live in Southern Germany and save EVERYTHING. Like really…everything. Every dime, every expired bottle of ketchup. Everything.

So I got the thrifty bug and try to save a dime wherever I can because in the end, it matters. And with twins who need toys and seeing as we are new parents with zero for kids in this house, we have been stocking up!

You saw my good find on my other post about the stroller and pool, etc. And just this weekend Daddy watched the babies while Mommy went off to gather up for free stuff to add to my hoarding collection.


How fun is that?! Free…and after a little bit of clean up with the Lysol..BAM…good as new. At this rate, I’ll be able to give the boys a new thing to play with every so often to keep their interests going. And I won’t have to buy too much when they are old enough to play with this stuff.

Look for a “Freecycling” group on Facebook in your town or closest area. It really is the best!

Daddy and his babies…and the naked one crapped his entire outfit. AGAIN.

And there is the bell of freedom slaughtered. Baby B is up after his 20 minute nap. Yay…oh yay.

Here drinky, drinky, drinky!!! Come to mama!!


3 thoughts on “Fabulous Findings!

  1. Love this and love free things as well! My family recently transitioned from a two income family to a one income family, so I am always up for free and am learning how to be good at saving!

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