She’s Crafty!

I was getting tired of doing the same thing with the boys. We have the toys we’ve bought or been given, they can lay on their play mat and kick around, or sit in their jumpers. But, none of that was really teaching them much.

So, I decided to play into their senses and make a few things! First up…sensory bag!ย This was crazy easy!


What you need:

Hair gel

Gallon freezer bags

Colorful Pom poms or glitter stickers

Glitter (optional)

Colorful duct tape

I found all of these things in my local grocery store, Meijers. But the dollar store is a great place for all of this!
I filled up one bag full of gel (the whole bottle) then added in the colorful Pom poms and items. Closed the bag and then put it inside another freezer bag. Double it up for these twinados I’ve got!


I then doubled the duct tape around all the edges and voila! So simple and so great! The bags crunch and the colors are bright. Easy!
They aren’t sure what to do just yet but they try to eat it which I then pull away immediately. lol. Little shits!

And it gives my hands a bit of a free moment to look up my next martini!


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