Baby B Slept All Night!

A friend once told me to never pay attention to the moms on the internet who say, “oh my baby is sleeping through the night since 4 months.” Thats bullshit…she would say. Babies have to eat in the middle of the night. So, I guess my babies were already “sleeping through the night” but they wake up to eat.

And then…on September 11th my Baby B slept from 6pm to 6am without so much as a peep!


12 hours of sleep….no wake ups.

13 hours since last feeding….no dream feeds.

It happened! I was so super excited! I couldn’t wait to get him up and tell him all about how happy I was. The early morning started out so good. And then…

I figured out the REAL reason he slept so long.


Teething has begun. Yay.

It’s been non-stop fussing/crying/complaining since then. He wakes up and he’s pissy, he won’t go to bed because his mouth hurts. Ugh…This is crap!

My husband is on a new kick about Tylenol and the affects of Acetaminophen. He’s German as I’ve mentioned but in Germany they’ve done studies where the one common denominator in children with autism is their usage of Acetaminophen. He also read that in Cuba they haven’t had access to Tylenol or anything with Acetaminophen in it and their rate for autism is roughly 0%. So, I promised him I wouldn’t use it anymore and I’m regretting it.

I get it…it’s scary all the crap that goes on and all the drugs we take but good lord! I’m the one home with these twinados and I’m the one with the massive headache. Not to make it all about get me, right?! 🙂 Besides, growing up, we all had this stuff and the majority of us turned out alright.


Anywho…my alcohol intake may increase a lot  slightly. I’ve ordered some different oils to help with teething. Not that I believe in that crap but it’s not up to me to decide, the babies have to believe in it. Anyone have any good tips or tricks that doesn’t involve over-the-counter, laboratory manufactured drugs?

Pouring that sweet sweet vodka as I type…Cheers!!!

5 thoughts on “Baby B Slept All Night!

  1. Isn’t it marvelous when one of them sleep all night? But we moms will have to pay for it one way or another! I feel your pain. My baby A is a better sleeper but I pay for it by her taking an hour to get to sleep.

    I don’t know anything about oils or other pain relievers but I am gonna watch to see if anyone lets you know any pointers! I think my two littlest are either teething or something in the sleep regression stage.

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    1. Oh yes, sleep regression! Almost forgot about that gem too! I love the sleeping through the night if only I didn’t have his brother waking me up constantly! Ugh…twin mom life! We will survive though! I just know it!

      I’ll post about the oils too. A friend of mine swore that Lil Punkin Butt Teething Oil saved their life. We shall see!


  2. Ah, the teething stage isn’t fun!! I think we used orajel?! I can’t even remember so don’t follow me on that last statement. I think I blocked it all from my mind because of the trauma.

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      1. I know, it sucks watching our kids suffer!! Especially when we can’t do anything to ease their pain! Thinking of you momma! Motherhood is not for the faint of heart lolol gosh, it can be so hard and tiring!


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