I’ve Become A Hoarder

I mentioned before how obsessed I am with this Freecycling group I belong to for my town. Once in a while a really good item comes along and everything is for free! Like this awesome double stroller I got just last week.

PicMonkey Image


And then just this week I happened to be up early (haha…ha…ha…*ahem*) and I got a notification that someone posted in the group. I go to look and VA VA VOOM! This mommy pounced on this freebie so fast, the group didn’t know what hit them! Like I literally commented that I wanted one within 10 seconds of the post going live.


Check this out! A Nilo Train Table with two trundle drawers! O.M.G.! Are you people not seeing this? I mean…come on!! It’s like a $200+ item and I got it for Free. That’s a capital ‘F’ by the way.

Anywho, it’s home and SO ready for this little twerps to play on and to “sit at the kids table” for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Oh yes…I am PUMPED! (It’s the little things in life!)

I’ve also picked up a walker and this cute little shopping cart with detachable basket. I mean…come on. How great is their play room going to be when they finally can play!?

And then another twin mom that lives in my neighborhood dropped off a water table and blow up pool for the kids with some toys to play with on the water table. How great is that? Again…FREE!

I’m obviously a little overly excited about this. lol. I don’t get out much!

I just can’t express how important it is for us that we get things for little to no money. These guys are expensive and after finding out that even though we were told it would be…their formula is not covered by insurance. That’s over $1500 in a few months that I sent in with hopes of being reimbursed. So, back on the ranch…to feed my need to buy baby things, this free stuff is really helping me. But at the same time…husband is saying I have a hoarding problem and we no longer have space for all of this stuff. Ha!

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! Now I have more money to go towards my “mommy’s medicine cabinet”…aka….vodka.





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