6 Month Check-Up

6 months….HOW?! On one hand it feels like the boys have been around forever but it’s crazy when you think that they are 6 months old. They had their check-up this morning which is always fun. I love to see how they’re growing and where they stand on the growth charts. I wish they would make growth charts specific for twins who were born early. It’s kind of silly to compare my boys to a chart that is for singletons born at 40 weeks. Hmm…who do I have to complain to?!


A quick side note…I’m pissed. My husband promised he would get up with the boys since I do ALL.THE.TIME. Well, another night of full sleep for him. As usual. I got 5 hours of sleep between getting the house in order and up all night with the boys. Then we had this doctor’s appointment in the morning so going back to sleep during their first nap was impossible. This in turn made me too tired to deal with my workout and I ate like crap just to try to keep my energy up. I hate life, today. Going on 6+ months without one night of uninterrupted sleep. *major grumpy face*


So my sweet Baby A is 16lbs and 13oz and 27.75 inches long! Pretty good! Long and lean the Dr. said 🙂 His head however is a good 18 inches which puts him in the 90th percentile of head growth. Next Einstein right here. Poor guy still has a really hard time with tummy time but he is pretty good with propped up sitting.

Baby B is 16lbs 4oz and 27.25 inches long! Also long and lean. His head is 17inches with is exactly in the 50th percentile. He’s rolling around like a crazy man (I often find him on his tummy in his crib…the shit!) and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be crawling before long!

Their weight is still under the norm but they are long so that helps to make up for it. And they are no longer losing weight since we found the right food for them! Continue on with the purees and trying to get them to sit up on their own. Thats our next goals!

Of course they got their shots 😦 Poor babes. I always say one of the only crappy things about twins is having two babies cry in pain and only one mommy to soothe them. It was rough. And camo bandages? No thanks.

And….theres a cry after only 30 minutes of nap time. LAWD save me today….



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