A Little Labor Day Fun

I’ve been on this new energy kick. Somehow I’ve finally found the right time to start my workouts again (during their 2nd nap) and it’s LIFE CHANGING! I’ve been feeling so crappy and I ate an entire chocolate bar as I may have mentioned before and that was my rock bottom. NOT OK, lady!!

This newfound energy has also given me the patience to dress the boys up a little bit when we go out. I rarely changed them out of their pajama/rompers during the day. I see all these pictures of babies dressed up in cute matching outfits and I just think..well…I am dropping the ball as a mother. And you all know damn well that these two little shits are going to bring it up when they are older. “Hey Ma! The Meatloaf!! And why are all our baby pictures of us in pajamas?” I can see it now. *le sigh*

So I decided since I was starting to feel better about myself I need to take the time to dress up a little bit more. And in doing that, dress up the little dudes too. Which then means we can take more fun pictures together!

unnamed (3)
I mean..our shoes!!!

Our Labor Day weekend was nice! It started with me meeting up with a girlfriend I met in Germany when we lived there. Just so happens she’s from the same town we ended up moving to so we met up for some drinks….and drinks…and drinks. Drunk and being a mom the next morning DO NOT MIX. Lesson learned…again.

Paid for the hangover but was SO worth it!

I was in the market for some new athletic shoes so off we went to DSW to use up my $5.00 gift card I got for my birthday from them. Found some cute shoes which are only motivating me more to get my butt in gear!

unnamed (4)


Then we decided to grab a drink at a bar right next door and wouldn’t you know the ONE time I was being brave and not bringing along the whole diaper bag, Twin A decided to completely crap his diaper. And I mean up the stomach almost to his nipples…that kind of crap. So, I luckily had diapers and wipes in my purse but another outfit? Negative. He got to be an exhibitionist for the short time we were there.

I’m part of this Freecycling group on Facebook for my town and someone put this awesome double stroller on there for free! All I did was take it all apart, wash this bad boy up, and pumped some air in the tires…VOILA! Saved our butts another 200 dolla dolla bills, yo!

PicMonkey Image

Then on Labor Day itself, we had a neighborhood BBQ across our backyard and two other neighbors’ yards. Was so nice to see everyone and the boys and I dressed in stripes…not on purpose…and looked pretty ridiculous but thats ok! At least we dressed up a little bit!

unnamedunnamed (1)14100514_675514012624081_2504730255696357371_n14233074_10157426579855593_6006439238733454972_n

Thats our weekend in a nutshell. How was yours? Do anything special? Anything silly happen?

I definitely indulged in one of my favorite little vodka drinks today šŸ™‚ Cherry vodka and cranberry juice! Delish! And what is this noise about Labor Day being a day off? When do SAHMs get a day off?!?


4 thoughts on “A Little Labor Day Fun

      1. They are easier at this age. Right when the hit 2 1/2, they began to play more than fight — to use their imaginations and role play. They are amazing! Hope yours are giving you some relative peace and quiet…


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