Turning Off The Boob Faucet

During my pregnancy I was the opposite of what a typical first time mom should be. I didn’t read any parenting books, I took as many hand me downs as I could find rather than buy new clothes, and I didn’t know anything about breast feeding.

When we go to the hospital for the c-section the nurses asked me what I planned to do so that they could update my chart. I told them I didn’t have a clue. If breast feeding worked then lets see how that goes. But I was capital C-l-u-e-l-e-s-s. TOTALLY off in space!

After they pulled out both birds by the hair of their chinny chin chins they gave me Baby A…well…laid him on my neck basically and I wasn’t sure what to do with him! It was all a little much to take in! Instantly he opened his little bird mouth and was trying to eat! The nurses were all excited and praised him for knowing what to do already. However, I wasn’t sure what anyone was talking about!

unnamed (1)

Back in our room the nurses started kneading on my chest like I was a ball of dough! Yay…. and I guess the decision was made that I would breast feed. Here’s the thing about all that. I wish I just knew ALL the facts. You hear the “Oh it helps you loose weight really fast” or the “It’s the best you can give your baby.” That’s all fine and good but the problem is no one tells you about the milk issues kids can have or that stopping is HORRENDOUS!

I breastfed my twins for 3 months until they ended up having severe milk allergy/intolerance. It was a disaster. Then we started looking for formulas…ohmylanta…what a DEBACLE that was! But worst of all, I had to stop breastfeeding right away.

Ever wonder what it looks like to breastfeed twins….I mastered it…all while looking like a truck ran over me. Don’t mind the boobage or my face.

unnamed (2)

So I must have watched a little too much Keeping Up With The Kardumbians because I went out and bought some cabbage leaves and I put on a couple of sports bras and basically went cold turkey. I didn’t pump unless my boobs were in my chin and only then for just 5 minutes.

It. Was. Hell.

I said to my husband then that I would never have started had I known it would hurt this bad. And I probably won’t do it again for the next baby. It was so awful and I’m glad I gave  my babes 3 months but I was over it. WAY OVER IT!

After a week of smelling like soggy cabbage leaves the milk finally started to subside. I was one of those people, much to my surprise, whose milk came in fast and in excess.

But you will be happy to know I donated my frozen milk to a neighbor in need and it all worked out in the end. YAY for boob milk. Pretty cool that women are equipped to do such a thing!!

How was your experience with it? Did you read up on it before hand or did you just wing it? What are your tricks for making it stop?

Speaking of milk….time for mommy’s special milk. On the rocks.


3 thoughts on “Turning Off The Boob Faucet

  1. Oh girl I feel you, my boobs still hurt! My twins are 6 months old and I am slowly weaning. I do half breastmilk and half organic formula. I swear if I went cold turkey I would have gotten mastitis…for the FIFTH time! Horrendous!

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    1. Oh you poor thing!! You’ve had it that bad?! Good lord…want my leftover triple nipple cream?! I was so engorged all the time, I would just pump for a couple minutes to relieve the pain! But good for you! So impressive!!! There is a part of me that wishes I could have done it longer but it was so so difficult for me. You keep up the good work, mama!!!

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