The Comfort Epidemic

I think I’m going into shock. My twins have been napping for an hour now and still going. Fingers crossed! This is off topic…lol. Back to it!

Since the pregnancy where I was obviously very large and in charge I’ve been trying to accept my new body. First things first, I was by no means a tiny little thing before the babies were here. I was average with a little bit of plump around the edges, thank you very much. What do the kids say these days? “More cushion for the pushin.” Something like that!

unnamed (1)
At 38 weeks, right before the c-section!

Anyways, I have been living happily in active wear. Day in and day out even though I’m not doing anything particularly active. I’d rather wear a sports bra than try to accentuate the floppy pancakes that breast feeding left me with. Yay for breast feeding…yay.

unnamed (2)
Exhausted in active wear

Why is it that for some of us, once we have babies we have a hard time finding the proper motivation? I look in the mirror and BAM…there is my motivation! Shouldn’t that be enough? I guess the lack of energy doesn’t help but I used to be so productive before kids. Now it’s as if the second they sleep (like they are right now, those angels!) I have to relish in the time that I’m given. I want to sit and scroll through obnoxious posts on Facebook and eat chocolate. Speaking of…*chocolate pause* Gotta find me something good in our chocolate drawer. Yes, a drawer. German husband = really good chocolate ALWAYS on hand!

unnamed (3)
Wasn’t kidding about the candy drawer


I have all these fancy bauble necklaces and clothes that no longer fit the way they used to. The extra bubble of fat hanging down that I have to tuck into my jeans makes me look like my 4th grade teacher who had a massive FUPA. (Fat Upper Pussy Area…hey, you asked!)

I just don’t feel like myself anymore and I can’t find the motivation to get myself going. To find a way back to “normal.” I’m just so worn out. Anyone else feeling the same? Just totally exhausted and by the time you have a free moment you end up doing something else instead?

Well, since I won’t be tuning in to my Richard Simmons videos tonight let’s have a drink instead! Come here my pretty šŸ™‚


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