The Birth Of The Blog

Alright folks, grab a martini and settle in. I was previously a blogger of the traveling kind and I have since let go of that gig. Why would I do that, you ask? Well, something happens to the traveling bug when you pop out two kids at the same time. My days are now filled with prayers for a poopy diaper, the perfume of regurgitated formula, and naps that only last 20 minutes. (Yes, I am writing this as fast as I can!)

A little bit about me and my life:

I’m a recently 32 year old female married to a wonderful German man who I’m forcing to live in the states with me for a bit since I lived in Germany with him for about 4 years. When we got back to the States, we got pregnant and BAM….not one…no, we couldn’t do things without a real scuff up….TWO babies.

15 weeks announcement and almost yiffed right before this picture was taken.

Twin boys arrived on February 24th, 2016 by way of really good drugs and an amazing surgical team. It was GRAND! And since then we’ve been just trying to survive. I’m a stay at home mum (SAHM) and most days I love it but other days I wish I could go back to work doing ANYTHING. I literally would clean school buses if it got me away for a bit. But I think we all feel that way.

I know, they’re total angels here.

So, why a martini? Are you a recovering alcoholic?:

No, I’m a mom who used to LOVE a dirty martini and now when I get the chance to have one I ask for a double of anything right off the bat! One shot for each twinado. That’s right, a twinado. Welcome to the world of Multiple Mom lingo.

So hop along for the ride. My life is so different now and I just have to share with you what it’s truly like as a SAHM with two little twin boys!




6 thoughts on “The Birth Of The Blog

  1. Beautiful babes! I’m here to say once they’re mobile, we get awesomer (yup, that’s a word!) I’m looking forward to the mobile days though I will always cherish my days with my babies. ❀ Great blog, looking forward to more posts!


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